How to set up feeds for your Google dynamic remarketing campaign

Dynamic Remarketing with Google Analytics allows you to show ads to audiences who’ve visited your website and interact with any product or content. Remarketing Ads will be shown based on interests, demographics and purchase history.

For remarketing campaign, you need to create a basic .csv, .xls, .tsv or .xlsx feed that contains all of your products, with details about each item (product ID, price, image and etc.). That data then will be pulled from your product feed into your dynamic remarketing ads.

If you're a retailer - please visit Google Merchant Center to upload your product feed.

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How to Upload or Update Your Product Feed on Facebook

Product feed will help to set up your Facebook remarketing campaign in a few clicks. Facebook advertising is one of the most targeted forms of clients engagement. There are two ways to upload data feed of your catalog to Facebook: Upload once or Set a schedule. Your choice depending on your inventory type

  • If you're new for Facebook sales and you're inventory not required often updates, choose Upload once.

  • If your data feed is stored at website or FTP server and your inventory constantly revise - choose Set a schedule.

How to Upload product feeds manually or on a schedule

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