Where can I find my Amazon Product Advertising API access keys?

IMPORTANT - As an aShop.co subscriber, you don't need your own Amazon keys right away. You can use our built-in API keys until you have built up some sales and can then apply for your own access keys later.

The Amazon Product Advertising API (PA API) is a tool to search for products, post and share them on the Amazon. To use the Amazon PA API you are required to create access keys. All requests to the product catalog will use these API access keys. Before you can sign up for the Product Advertising API, you must apply for Amazon Associates.

Note! aShop.co currently supports the US region only.

1. Login to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/

2. Click Tools and then choose Product Advertising API.

3. Click Join button.

4. After signup, copy your Access Key and Secret Key or choose Download Credentials from Download credentials page.

5. If you need to add new keys or delete old pair - please choose "Manage Your Account" -> "Add Credentials" or "Delete" to remove it.

  • Read full PA API guide on Amazon website

  • How to add Amazon Product Advertising API access keys to your Ashop account.

    1. Login to your Ashop account.

    2. Open the Settings page.

    3. Paste Access Key and Secret Key to corresponding fields.

    4. Click Save Settings button.

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