How to find and manage your Amazon Associate Tag/Affiliate Tracking ID

Your Amazon Affiliate account have Associate Tag/tracking ID since registration, but it is useful to have multiple tracking IDs, so you can see which earnings came from which sites.

1. Sign In to your Amazon Affiliate account

2. In a top-right corner of the screen, you can see Tracking ID (e.g mystore-20)

3. To manage your Tracking IDs, mouseover on your username and choose Manage Your Tracking IDs from tooltip menu.

4. To add new ID click Add Tracking ID button.

5. Choose name relevant to your site and click Create.

6. If the name is already taken - select the one from the list of recommended available names, and click Use Selected button.

How to add Amazon Associate Tag/Affiliate Tracking ID to your Ashop account

1. Login to

2. Open the Settings page.

3. Paste newly created Tracking ID to Associate Tag field.

4. Click Update Site button.

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